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About Me

web designer, entrepreneur, MOM OF 3, fellow HUmAN

My friends would probably say I’m a good listener, my kids would say I’m a drill sergeant in the morning but a super-snuggler at bedtime, my clients would say I provide unique perspective, and strangers would probably ask me how tall I am… *insert eye-roll*  (6’1″, since I know you’re dying to ask).


How did I get here? 

Well, I had 2 small kids at home and was nearing the end of a year-long maternity leave. I realized that a full-time+ gig running someone else’s business was no longer going to fit with my life. As fate would have it, a family member asked me out of the blue to re-build his website after a hack-in. He remembered that I had run a blog for a few years and had previously learned some coding. Although daunted by the task, I said yes. To my surprise, I found myself heavily engaged in this re-design project. All of my knowledge came flooding back and along with a few YouTube videos and a whole lot of Googling, he had himself a new website and I had myself an idea. 

I decided at that point that maybe this was something I could pursue, or at least try out while I pondered other options. I  enrolled in some classes to brush up on my skill-set and set out to find a client who might be willing to give a new designer a shot. I landed my first 2 clients back to back and frankly, the rest is history!  

Each new project I’ve been given has brought on its own set of unique challenges, but each one has taught me more than I ever learned in a classroom. This work suits my creative mind, my right-brained tendencies and my passion for helping others build a life they love through successful entrepreneurship. I learned what works for me and my own business and am really fortunate to be able to pass that knowledge on through my work and through interactions with my clients.  Although, more often than not, they teach me something invaluable as well.  

I’ve had calls and emails from people that came across my site before my final design was even fully polished. To me having my site redone by Rebecca was not only a gain of a practical outreach tool but a lesson in visual direction that has inspired me to be better.



Why Work With Me?

I could go into all of the technical tools and resources I’m particularly savvy in, or I could tell you how much I know about the latest SEO tactics or how effective my workflow is. But in truth, the reason my clients keep coming back to me is because they know I care. Some might say I care a little too much, but who’s to know. When you decide to work with me, you not only gain a pretty cool design and marketing resource, but a life-long business ally as well. 

What I Can Do For Your Business


My background in business management means that I have real-world insight into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your marketing efforts, so you won’t be wasting your marketing budget on dead-ends. My hidden talents lie in finding the perfect words and images that will effectively communicate your vision and passion for your work while keeping laser focus on your end goal.  

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“What is now proved was once only imagined” -William Blake

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I'm happy to offer in-person website design and digital marketing services to clients in the National Capital Region including: Outaouais, Québec- Gatineau (Aylmer, Hull), Wakefield (La Pêche), Chelsea, Cantley, Val-des-Mont and Ottawa, OntarioClarence-RocklandNorth GrenvilleRussell, Gloucester, Orleans, Barrhaven, Stittsville, Nepean, Vanier and everywhere in between!

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